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MK Business, November 2009


Despite the unprecedented fall in the commercial property sector, Northampton based design & build interiors firm, BC Workspace, have added to their workforce.  


Claire Lammiman, a recent graduate in Interior Design has recently joined to further bolster the strength of the creative studio.  The difficulty many graduates are experiencing in finding work was confirmed by Claire. ‘In an already competitive industry, the downturn has made it doubly difficult.  I don’t know of any other graduates from my course who have found such directly relevant jobs.  The MK/Northants region is an excellent place for me to be working; the diversity of industry and commerce in the region is giving me a great opportunity to work with a broad variety of proposals and projects.’


Tim Walker, Director, explained their motivation to bring Claire on board, ‘Claire’s specialisation is the building of 3d computer-generated visualisations of working space.  Prospective clients now expect a far more tangible representation of how a building or a suite works for them before they will commit to a tenancy or fit-out.  We also have to consider where the construction industry is heading from a regulatory perspective.  It is no longer acceptable for a business to commission alterations to premises without a clear understanding of current regulations and limitations, even minor works often require some professional design input and we’ve assured ourselves of the capacity to be able to continue to deliver that service.


Tim concluded, ‘Recruiting genuine talent actually drives demand.  We’ve seen client proposals expanding with increased investment due to the confidence in the finished product that the 3d gives.  This greater expectation and delivery is actually a factor driving the recovery’.

“Investing in Talent and Driving Demand”